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[Laser Selection according to Material] Resin

This section introduces the optimal laser wavelengths for a variety of materials.

ABS (White)

Suitable Models

MD-V9900 Series 3-Axis YVO4 Laser Marker

Print Quality
  • - High contrast printing is achievable without causing harm to the surface of the material.
  • - Trademarks and custom logos printed on product surfaces are permanent.
Points to Note
  • - The amount of contrast achievable in marking is dependant on the type of plastic used.
  • - CO2 laser markers do not typically discolor plastic surfaces.
Benefits of 3-Axis Lasers
  • - 3-Axis marking allows for precise marking of characters on complex shapes without distortion.
  • - Variable-focal-length printing is possible without setup changes on products of various diameters and curved surfaces.

EPOXY (Black)

Suitable Models

MD-V9900 Series 3-Axis YVO4 Laser Marker
MD-F Series 3-Axis Fiber Laser Marker

Print Quality
  • - Printing is generally white, allowing for easy transition from ink-jet printing or stamp printing.
  • - Damage to the targets surface is minimal and marks are permanent.
Points to Note
  • - The YVO4 laser prints at a more shallow depth and with more precision than a CO2 laser.
  • - Purposely de-focusing the laser allows for more uniform, higher contrasting marks on some epoxies.
Benefits of 3-Axis Lasers
  • - It is possible to mark in a 300 mm X 300 mm area and to maintain precise, uniform marking without the use of any external devices such as an X Y stage.
  • - Internal focal point adjustment is possible and can be automatically programmed into the marking parameters via the Marking Builder software.


Suitable Models

ML-Z Series 3-Axis CO2 Laser Marker

Print Quality
  • - Contrasting print that is permanently etched into the surface of the material.
  • - Printing on thin films is possible without causing pin holes or marks that burn through.
Points to Note
  • - Pin holes can appear as a result of overheating when printed under high-power.
  • - Use of a short wavelength laser (9.3 μm) for clear printing with minimal damage.
Benefits of 3-Axis Lasers
  • - Clear printing is possible, even on curved surfaces such as PET bottles.
  • - With a variable focal point, the ML-Z Series can automatically adjust to compensate for curved surfaces and even different sized targets running on the same production line.


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