Handheld Scanners

KEYENCE handheld scanners provide even faster reading with advanced reading performance and ultra-durability withstanding harsh working environments. With high-speed responses faster than ever before, these scanners improve operability everywhere from reading challenging codes at manufacturing sites to reading large quantities of barcode labels at logistics sites. Whether you are reading DPM or labels, our lineup is sure to have the optimal model for your situation.

Products Lineup

HR-X series - Rugged Industrial Handheld Code Reader

KEYENCE’s HR-X Series of rugged industrial handheld code readers offers ultra-durability and high performance even in harsh work environments thanks to an IP65/67G enclosure rating, and impressive reading performance for improved efficiency. The durable design eliminates the most common causes of failures such as water and oil adhesion, drops and repeated drops, and terminal wear for usability in any working environment—from the harsh conditions of manufacturing sites to logistics sites where repeated impacts are common. The AI-enhanced multi-core decoder also offers drastically improved reading performance for difficult-to-read DPM codes in addition to greater flexibility with codes read at a distance or at an angle. With reliable reading of even the most challenging codes, faster operations even with time-consuming tasks, and a significantly longer service life, the HR-X Series improves on-site efficiency and reduces costs at the same time.

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SR-G100 series - Handheld DPM Code Reader

The SR-G100 Series is capable of reading at remarkable speeds, even with hard-to-read codes.

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