Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printers / CIJ Printers

This continuous inkjet printer (IJP) minimizes the hassle of maintenance. Anyone can easily operate this printer regardless of technical knowledge or skill level, since troubleshooting and real-time quality checks are automatically performed with KEYENCE’s proprietary sensor technology.

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MK-G series - Continuous Inkjet Printer

MK-G Series is the world's first self-troubleshooting continuous inkjet printer that completely eliminates the guesswork of inkjet maintenance and can be operated without any specialised product knowledge or skills. By incorporating KEYENCE sensor technologies to enhance self-diagnostic capabilities, the new MK-G Series can automatically perform maintenance and troubleshooting on its own – just like how a trained inkjet technician would. The unit features new functions that ensure automatic cleaning is performed every time before shutdown even when the power is disrupted, and allow users to check the status and perform operations on the printer remotely from a PC or Smartphone.

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