Protect operators from machine hazards.


GL-R series - Safety Light Curtain

What makes a light curtain "robust"? KEYENCE has designed a light curtain with a structure that prevents damage from parts or tools by narrowing the exposed lens area and recessing it in an impact resistant housing.

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GS series - Safety Interlock Switches

Large indicators, compact size, quick & simple mounting, built-in cascading, and more.

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SL-V series - Safety Light Curtain

Introducing a safety light curtain completely focused on safety and efficiency in the workplace!

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SZ-V series - Safety Laser Scanner

Impressive range, integrated camera, detachable display, and more.

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SC series - Safety Controller

Safety Controller for E-STOP & ANY Safety Input

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SZ series - Safety Laser Scanner

A safety laser scanner allows users to configure protection zones anywhere,even in complex-shaped zones.

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