Customizable Vision System XG-X series

Accelerate Your Inspection, Now!

Powerful, High-Speed Controller and High-Resolution Camera Lineup

XG-X series - Customizable Vision System

Flexible programming interface with 3D and linescan capabilities for high-quality, high-speed inspection and control.


Flexibility Made Possible By the Fastest Performance in the Industry

Abundant processing power is available even with multiple camera connections, including the 64 megapixel color camera, line scan cameras, or 3D cameras.

Offers the Best Solution with Many High-Resolution Camera Options

XG-X Series offers high-speed, high-resolution cameras for high-accuracy inspection, providing powerful solutions for a variety of problems that arise in manufacturing.

Flowchart Programming Offers Designers Flexibility in Bringing Their Concepts to Life

XG-X VisionEditor is software designed for quick development of vision inspection applications, creation of user interfaces, easy debugging, simulations, and more.