Vision System with Built-in AI VS series

New Delivers the Fastest Set-up Time for All Vision System Users

  • Best image with a single click
  • Use both AI and rules-based tools on the same image
  • Program any inspection quickly
  • Real-time data visualisation

VS series - Vision System with Built-in AI

The VS Series delivers rapid machine vision solutions for a wide range of applications at any experience level. This smart camera includes the industry’s first optical zoom function to create optimal images with a single click. The simple-to-use software also enables quick setup of a variety of inspections for both AI and rule-based vision tools. With this simplified setup and ease-of-use interface, the VS series provides optimised vision solutions as quickly as possible.


Best Image with a Single Click

WORLD’S FIRST Optical System with Uncompromised Flexibility with ZoomTrax

The VS Series provides perfect software-based adjustment of focus and field of view. Single model handles everything from wide to narrow fields of view. No more lens selection or changes.

Use Both AI and Rules-Based Tools on the Same Image

AI and rule-based systems both have pros and cons. The VS Series offers both AI and rule-based inspections, allowing the user to select the best tool for any inspection. Building appropriate solutions is quick using this wide range of vision tools.

[AI]AI-based sorting / AI-based detection | [Rules-based]Presence check / Scratches / GD&T measurement / Positioning / Colour inspection / Count / Character recognition / 1D code / 2D code / Calibration

Immediate Setup and Data Utilisation

Program Any Inspection Quickly

Whether simple or advanced, inspections can be performed quickly with this one software.

  • 1
    Easy copy & paste: Keyboard shortcuts
  • 2
    Intuitive programming: Task view
  • 3
    Easy-to-see: Image view
  • 4
    Efficient setup: Properties view

Use Data Immediately

The VS Series allows for immediate visualisation and analysis with intuitive operations. No specialised knowledge or programming skills are required to make use of image inspection data.

  • 1
    Lists for threshold adjustment
  • 2
    Table format for yield rate management
  • 3
    Graphs for quality analysis

A Game-Changing Vision System for All Vision Users