Safety Interlock Switches GS-M series

Achieve the Top Safety Standards. PLe / Category4 / SIL3

Next Evolution of Door Interlocks

  • New Hybrid Door Interlock
  • Easy to Use
  • Install Anywhere
  • Easy to Integrate

GS-M series - Safety Interlock Switches

Safety interlock switches are safety devices used for checking whether movable guards such as safety fence doors and covers are opened or closed. KEYENCE’s GS-M Series safety interlock switch uses an electromagnetic locking principle and flexible actuator to prevent door rattling and misalignment for easy locking. The ultra-compact design can be used with any kind of door and can be installed anywhere. The GS-M Series offers superior safety in addition to the usability and reliability required for manufacturing sites without hindering productivity.


  • [NON CONTACT TYPE DOOR INTERLOCKS]Verify the door is shut / [LOCKING TYPE (Power-to-Lock) DOOR INTERLOCKS]Keep the door locked
  • [Based on Wiring]Door Closed / Door Closed & Locked [STRONG ELECTROMAGNET]
  • [Conventional Setup]Magnet latch / Non-contact Interlock [GS-M Series] Built-in permanent magnet

Hybrid Door Interlock

New Hybrid Door Interlock

Introducing New Hybrid Door Interlock.
In order to bridge the gap of interlock technology between non-contact type and lock type, we bring hybrid interlock technology with strong electromagnet.

Easy to Use

Alignment is no longer an issue with the GS-M Series.
The GS-M Series has a simple keyless structure without mechanical lock. The lock is secured by electromagnetic power. It can also cope with slight door misalignment.


The key cannot be inserted if the door is misaligned, preventing it from being closed.

GS-M Series

Because locking is possible without inserting the key, the door can be closed at any time.

Install Anywhere

The small footprint allows for mounting on any side of the frame.
Significantly smaller than conventional models so that it can be used in areas of the machine where install space is limited.

Easy to Integrate

Wiring made easy with multiple connection options.
Easy and flexible integration through Wiring Saving units and mixed cascading of GS-M/GS Series.

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