Safety Light Curtain GL-R series

Maximum safety standard. Type4 / SIL3 / PLe

Durable Housing Built to Last
Innovative Options that Minimize Wiring

GL-R series - Safety Light Curtain

What makes a light curtain "robust"? KEYENCE has designed a light curtain with a structure that prevents damage from parts or tools by narrowing the exposed lens area and recessing it in an impact resistant housing.

Ensure Light Curtain Alignment

3 simple ways to ensure alignment.

  • Battery-Powered alignment tool
  • Built-In alignment indicators
  • Advanced alignment method

More Details


Heavy duty

STRONG - Rugged Exterior Increases Life & Decreases Downtime

The rugged metal housing and recessed lens make the GL-R resistant to twisting, vibration, and even direct impact. Additionally, its high power (49'+ of range) and increased enclosure ratings (IP65/IP67) allow the GL-R to withstand the most demanding environments.

Built-in functionality

SMART - Intelligence You Can See

Full length status indicators, integrated functionality and built-in series connection are a few of the attributes that make the GL-R Series the intelligent choice.

Simple installation

SIMPLE - Less Wiring, Less Hardware, Less Work

A built-in controller, unique wiring options, and optional safety relay with quick connect cables greatly contribute to the simplicity of the GL-R Series. Setup is further simplified with quick fit brackets and tools that ensure alignment.