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CV-X Training Videos

CV-X Training Videos

Inspection Tools

  • Auto-Teach Inspection

    Auto-Teach Inspection

    Automatically set up inspection by teaching at least 30 good parts.

  • Black-and-White Area

    Black-and-White Area

    Presence / Absence inspection counting black or white pixels by setting a binary threshold.

  • Colour Component

    Colour Component

    Check for correct colours using RGB (Red, Green, Blue) or HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness).

  • colour-Specific Area

    colour-Specific Area

    Presence / Absence inspection counting pixels by choosing which colours or shades are white or black.

  • Shading Pattern

    Shading Pattern

    Specify a pattern to detect presence or use to adjust the location of other required tools on a moving part.

  • PatternTrax/Outline Pattern Tool

    PatternTrax/Outline Pattern Tool

    Specify a pattern (outline) to detect presence or use to adjust the location of other required tools on a moving part.

  • Total Stain & Each Stain

    Total Stain & Each Stain

    Stable inspection used for finding defects, stains, or scratches or for detecting presence and counting.

  • Characterisation / Contrast with Background Tool

    Characterisation / Contrast with Background Tool

    Detect/count clusters of pixels that are lighter or darker than the average background.

  • Blob / Cluster Tool

    Blob / Cluster Tool

    Count, sort, or find the locations of multiple Items.

  • Edge Processing & Common Settings

    Edge Processing & Common Settings

    How an edge is detected and the settings common to all edge based tools.

  • Edge Position Tool

    Edge Position Tool

    Find the location of an edge for position reference or for use in a measurement calculation.

  • Edge to Circumference Tool

    Edge to Circumference Tool

    Find an angle by locating a radial edge along a curved surface using a ring or arc region.

  • Edge Slope / Edge Angle

    Edge Slope / Edge Angle

    Find an angle detecting an edge on two separate surfaces.

  • Edge Width Tool

    Edge Width Tool

    Detect two edges within the tool and determine the distance between them.

  • Edge Pitch Tool

    Edge Pitch Tool

    Measure the centre pitch or gap pitch across a set of edges.

  • Trend Edge Tool Overview & Common Settings

    Trend Edge Tool Overview & Common Settings

    Locate positions along the profile of surfaces in the Trend Edge tools and their common settings.

  • Trend Edge Position Tool

    Trend Edge Position Tool

    Profile a surface along a circle, arc, or ring to detect the min/max position or to specify a location.

  • Trend Edge Width Tool

    Trend Edge Width Tool

    Measure the width along an entire part or find the diameter of the part along the entire circumference.

  • Trend Edge Stain Tool

    Trend Edge Stain Tool

    Find defects along the edge of a line, circle or oval, and complex shapes and free curves.

  • 1D and 2D Code Reading Tools

    1D and 2D Code Reading Tools

    Detect 1 and 2 dimensional codes with the option to output the read text and perform judgements with the built-in calendar.

  • OCR/Characters Tool

    OCR/Characters Tool

    Extract character information in the inspection region and recognise the character string.

  • Dimensions and Geometry

    Dimensions and Geometry

    Dimensional measurement by simply choosing points, lines, or shapes.

  • Shading


    Find average or range greyscale values to determine presence or to determine a reference for lighting intensity.

  • Position Adjustment

    Position Adjustment

    Adjust tool inspection regions to account for changing part location.

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