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          6. Selecting a Safety Light Curtain

          Safety Light Curtain

          GL-R series

          Step 4 / Select the Cables

          Use the following steps to select the optimum GL-R Series components for your application


          Select the light curtain type


          Select the light curtain length


          Select the mounting bracket


          Select the cables


          Select the optional accessories*

          *Optional accessories are not required for normal operation.

          [ Step 4 ] Select the cables

          It is possible to select from the following 3 types of wiring systems according to the application. Select an applicable cable according to the wiring systems listed below.


          • Each model is connected to one cable. Therefore, at least two cables are needed as a system, one for the transmitter and another for the receiver.
          • All cables can be used for both the transmitter and receiver.
          • The combination of the wiring system and cable determines the functions that can be used. Different types of cables can be used for the transmitter and receiver.
          • Make sure that the length of the main unit connection cable and extension cable will be 30 m or less regarding the transmitter and receiver, respectively, when using the optical/wire synchronisation system.
          • Make sure that the total length for all cables, which includes the unit connection cable, extension cable, and series connection cable, is 30 m or less when using the one-line system.

          Select 1 cable for each transmitter/receiver according to the optimal wiring system.
          If multiple functions are necessary, select an 11-core cable.

          Select a unit connection cable or one-line system series connection cable.
          If extending the cable, select a connector type.

          For extension

          • If using a combination of the unit connection cable (for extension use) and the extension cable, make sure that they share the same amount of conductors.

          For series connection

          By connecting up to 3 GL-R units in a series, they can function as a single set of light curtains.

          • Use a series connection cable to perform series connection.

          Installation schematic

          Optical synchronisation/Wire synchronisation system,One-line system



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