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          Multi-Purpose CCD Laser Micrometer

          IG series


          High Stability and Measurement Accuracy are Achieved With the Newly Developed Optical System

          Multi-Wavelength Laser + I-DSP

          Multi-Wavelength Laser + I-DSP

          With conventional lasers, the transmission spot produces a patchy pattern (as shown in the figure below). This is a laser-specific interference problem caused by the laser having a single wavelength. The IG Series sensor overcomes this problem by using a multi-wavelength laser. Because shadows are formed on the CCD more clearly, the sensor remains highly stable, even with targets that are conventionally difficult to detect (e.g. transparent objects). With the I-DSP (a parallel computing chip) incorporated in the receiver, the sensor can perform data processing at high speed, reducing noise to a minimum.

          SPOT IMAGE

          Single-wavelength laser (conventional laser sensor)

          Single-wavelength laser

          A patchy pattern appears


          Multi-wavelength laser (IG)

          Multi-wavelength laser (IG)

          Due to the multi-wavelength laser used, the beam pattern has a more uniform intensity distribution.

          [Best in its class]

          Repeatability of 5 μm

          [Best in its class]

          Linearity of ±0.1%

          Stable detection of transparent & mesh targets

          Stable detection of transparent & mesh targets

          The L-CCD makes it possible to detect a target based on its position. Edge control and positioning of transparent and mesh targets can be performed stably.

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