Confocal Displacement Sensor CL-3000 series

New High Accuracy in a Compact & Durable Design

High-precision measurement on all targets, with simple sensor head installation and program settings. CL-3000 Series ultra-compact coaxial laser displacement sensors address manufacturing challenges such as improving quality, preventing the shipment of defective parts and increasing production.

  • Ultra-compact and lightweight
  • Advanced environmental resistance
  • High-Precision Measurement on Any Material or Surface

CL-3000 series - Confocal Displacement Sensor

Defining a new standard in laser displacement, this ultra-compact sensor can be installed almost anywhere. Confocal measurement simplifies mounting requirements and enables stable measurement of any surface or shape.


  • Glass

  • Lithium-Ion Battery Electrode Thickness

  • Pipe Inner Diameter Measurement

  • HDD Motor Run-Out and Head Height



Ultra-compact heads for worry-free installation

Ultra-compact and lightweight
The compact sensor heads, including the industry’s smallest at ø8 mm, enable measurement almost anywhere. Utilise previously impossible installation locations, parallel mounting, and other once-unattainable benefits.

Ultra-compact design (1/50th the size of conventional models)

Size compared with conventional models: 1/50

  • 1
    Conventional laser displacement sensor
  • 2
    Compact ø8 mm ø0.31" head

NEW Space-saving side view attachments [CL-V020/V050]

Support for all 4 directions

Compact head with best-in-class measurement range*

150 mm ±35 mm 5.91" ±1.38"

* White confocal laser displacement sensor

Advanced environmental resistance

Measurement is now possible even at temperatures as high as 200°C 392°F, in ultra-high-vacuum environments, and in explosion-proof areas.

[WORLD’S FIRST] Support for ultra-high-vacuum environments*

No organic adhesives

The CL-V020/V050 do not use any organic adhesives in the sensor head, making it possible to minimise outgassing and operate in ultra-high-vacuum environments.

* White confocal laser displacement sensor

First-in-class 200°C 392°F heat resistance

The CL-V020/V050 can handle ambient temperatures of up to 200°C, allowing for use in environments with drastic temperature fluctuations.

Easy integration in explosion-proof areas

The dedicated feedthrough (OP-88859) allows for easy integration into hazardous areas without extensive work in these locations.

  • 1
    Non-hazardous area
  • 2
    Dedicated feedthrough
  • 3
    Hazardous area
  • 4
    Zone 0/ Division 1

High-Precision Measurement on Any Material or Surface