1D/2D Code Reader

SR-2000 series

1. Ultra-wide field of view

A field of view 4x wider compared to conventional models makes for easy reading of multiple codes and varying code positions.

[Application examples]
- Reading codes at different locations on engine parts
- Reading codes on multiple electronic PCB at once
- REading codes on different-sized tires

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2. Greater depth of field at longer ranges

With more than twice the reading distance of conventional models, there's no need for controlling code position or tooling changes.

[Application examples]
- Improve workability and productivity around semi-automatic equipment
- Read codes at varying heights with just one code reader

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3. Read objects on the move

Consistently read moving codes, from conveyor belt to robotic applications.

[Application examples]
- Improve through-put time by not having to stop the process to read codes
- Read codes on moving boxes of varying heights

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