Multi-Sensor Ionizer SJ-F700 series

New Maintenance-Free,
Reliable Static Elimination

  • Maintenance free*
  • High-performance static elimination
  • Ionizer traceability

*Under normal operating conditions

SJ-F700 series - Multi-Sensor Ionizer

The SJ-F700 Series Multi-Sensor Ionizer offers complete automation of periodic maintenance - an essential task with any static eliminator. Both probe cleaning and maintenance are done automatically by the unit, which eliminates the need to check static elimination performance.Offering completely maintenance-free operation while ensuring continued best-in-class static elimination (with an ion balance of +/-1V, elimination speed of 0.5 sec, and a static elimination area of 3 m ), the SJ-F700 makes it easier than ever to solve static problems. Make use of maintenance-free static elimination with the SJ-F700 static eliminating blower for ESD (electrostatic discharge) and foreign object adhesion.


Say goodbye to probe cleaning and replacement

Never worry about having to clean or replace electrode probes again.
In addition to an auto-clean function that protects probe tips, the SJ-F700 Series also includes a multi-I.C.C. for maintenance-free operation.

  • Variable DC system
  • High-density brushes
  • Brush cleaner

Static elimination example

High-performance static elimination

  • Ion balance ±1 V
  • Static elimination speed Fastest 0.5 sec
  • Static elimination area Up to 3 m

Ionizer Traceability

Built-in LCD screen

Visually check the operating status without connecting to a PC or PLC using just the main unit.

Quantifying the invisible static situation

The main unit is equipped with an LCD screen that can be used to check the operating status, static electricity data, and other information.

  • 1
    No electrostatic charge
  • 2
    Electrostatic charge
  • 3
    With SJ-FB01 connected
  • 4
    Air flow setting

Remote setup

Remote monitoring of ionizer conditions

Determine the statuses of up to 100 devices with just a PC without having to be on-site. Settings can also be changed as necessary, and Excel output is also possible.