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          Fibre Unit

          FU series

          Area Detection Fibre Optic Sensor Heads

          Stable and Accurate-- Wide Area Detection with ToughFlex Fibre Sensor Heads

          Designed for stable detection, durability, and ease of use

          Designed for stable detection, durability, and ease of use

          POINT[1] Tough design

          The sensor body is protected by a die-cast metal housing, while the inside is filled with epoxy resin, which prevents cracks caused by impact or failure caused by the infiltration of liquid.

          POINT[2] Strong cable

          The base of the fibre cable (50 mm 1.97") incorporates a stainless-steel jacket. This protects the connection point at the base, which experiences strain when the cable is bent, making it possible to install the sensor in narrow spaces.

          POINT[3] Easy optical axis alignment

          FU-A40 parallel movementcharacteristics (typical example)

          Benefit of an array fibre

          The 60 degree beam aperture of the 30 core fibres results in light expansion over a wide area, which simplifies optical axis alignment.

          POINT[4] Slim body

          While the FU-A40/A100 covers a wide area, it still maintains a slim body design which allows it to be installed in narrow spaces.
          (Thickness 5 mm 0.20", Depth 17 mm 0.67")

          POINT[5] Cost efficient and time saving

          Eliminate multiple sensors installation for wide area detection applications

          Thrubeam array type

          Reflective array type

          1 When the FS-N10 Series is used.

          Fu-12 wide area sensor head

          FU-12, 10 mm Wide Area Detection, Thrubeam

          Even if the target vibrates, the 10 mm width detection area allows it to be detected stably. The minimum bend radius is 2 mm thanks to the use of ToughFlex fibre.

          Dedicated application type

          Dedicated application type

          1. When using the FS-N Series. “3600 mm 141.73"” is assumed as maximum because the fibre cable has a length of 2 m 6.6'.

          FU-11 wide area sensor head

          FU-11, 15 mm Width Area Detection, Reflective

          The wide beam area ensures stable detection of targets that are difficult to detect. Its unique optical system creates a truly compact, high performance sensor. When used with the FS-N11N series, multiple FU-11 heads can be mounted which eliminates mutual interfence.

          Reflective area type

          Reflective area type

          1. When the FS-N10 Series is used.
          2. The minimum detectable object was determined at the optimal detecting distance and sensitivity setting.


          Confirmation of product ejection

          Stably detect workpieces that vary in position.



          Multiple sensors are required

          FU-A Series

          FU-A Series

          Full range covered with a single unit

          Differentiation of product type

          By using a dual output amplifier, it is possible to distinguish different workpiece types with a single unit.



          Sensors are installed for each individual product height

          FU-A Series

          FU-A Series

          Differentiation is possible based on the amount of blocked light

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