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          Digital Fibre optic Sensor

          FS-N40 series


          Amplifier Units

          Cable type

          Type Model Control outputs External input
          NPN output PNP output
          Standard Main unit FS-N41N FS-N41P 1 0
          Expansion unit FS-N42N FS-N42P
          2-Output Main unit FS-N43N FS-N43P 2 1
          Expansion unit FS-N44N FS-N44P

          M8 Connector type

          Type Model Control outputs External input
          Switchable between NPN/PNP output
          Main unit FS-N41C 2* 1*

          * Switchable between 2 control outputs or 1 control output + 1 external input.
          The system is not compatible with expansion units.

          Zero line type

          Type Model Control output
          Expansion unit FS-N40 None*

          * Counted as 1 output if expanded with Multi-Output Unit FS-MC8N/P or the NU Series communication unit.

          Multi-Output Units

          Type Model Separate control
          NPN output PNP output
          Main unit FS-MC8N FS-MC8P 8 1 1

          Optional Parts (sold separately)

          Amplifier securing bracket (for main unit)

          Description Model
          OP-88245 OP-88245

          End units*1 (when using expansion units)

          Description Model
          OP-26751(Set of 2) OP-26751

          *1 Multi-output units come with end units.

          M8 connector cable 2 m 6.6'/10 m 32.8'

          Description Model
          2 m 6.6' type
          10 m 32.8' type

          Expansion converter unit

          Description Model

          This adapter allows the FS-N40 series to connect to non-NEO type expansion units using the KEYENCE 1-Line System.


          Network Units

          Type Appearance Network Model
          Communication unit EtherNet/IP™ NU-EP1
          DeviceNet™ NU-DN1
          EtherCAT® NU-EC1
          CC-Link NU-CL1

          Network Unit Optional Parts (sold separately)

          Model Type
          OP-79426 Version 1.10 supported
          CC-Link dedicated cable 20 m 65.6'
          OP-79427 Version 1.10 supported
          CC-Link dedicated cable 100 m 328.1'
          OP-51504 STP (Shielded twisted-pair) cable 0.2 m 0.7'
          OP-51505 STP (Shielded twisted-pair) cable 0.5 m 1.6'
          OP-51506 STP (Shielded twisted-pair) cable 1 m 3.3'
          OP-51507 STP (Shielded twisted-pair) cable 3 m 9.8'
          OP-51508 STP (Shielded twisted-pair) cable 5 m 16.4'
          OP-51509 STP (Shielded twisted-pair) cable 10 m 32.8'
          OP-84338*1 e-CON connector (2 pieces included)

          *1 Use a cable with sheath outer diameter of 1.15 to 1.35 mm 0.045" to 0.053" and wire range of 0.1 to 0.5 mm2 0.000155 to 0.000775"2.
          To connect a device using a cable other than as specified above, prepare an e-CON connector that conforms with its wire diameter.

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