Sensor head LJ-X8400

LJ-X8400 - Sensor head

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CAD Data

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  • CE Marking
  • CSA




Reference distance

380 mm

Measurement range

Z-axis (height)

±60 mm (+95 to -220 mm*1)
(F.S.=315 mm)

X-axis (width)

NEAR side

180 mm(163 mm*1)

Reference distance

210 mm

FAR side

240 mm(320 mm*1)

Light source

Blue semiconductor laser

Light source


405 nm (visible light)

Laser class

Class 2M laser product (IEC60825-1, FDA (CDRH) Part 1040.10*2)*3


10 mW

Spot size

Approx. 275 mm × 249 µm
(reference distance)


Z-axis (height)

5 µm*4*5

X-axis (width)

10 µm*4*6


Z-axis (height)

Reference distance: ±60 mm
±0.025% of F.S. (±0.003%)
Total range:
±0.035% of F.S. (±0.005%)*7

Profile data interval

X-axis (width)

75 µm (50 µm~)
100 µm (50 µm~)*1*8*9

Profile data count

3200 points

HDR (high dynamic range)

Single-shot HDR*10

Laser irradiation position confirmation function

Light source

Blue LED (405 nm)

Temperature characteristic

0.01% of F.S./°C

Environmental resistance

Enclosure rating

IP67 (IEC60529)*11

Ambient light

Incandescent lamp: 10,000 lux or less*12

Ambient temperature

0 to +45°C*13

Relative humidity

85% RH or less (no condensation)

Vibration resistance

10 to 57 Hz, double amplitude 1.5 mm; 3 hours each for X, Y, and Z axes

Shock resistance

15 G / 6 msec




Approx. 1300 g

*1 When range is extended.
*2 Classification performed based on IEC60825-1 in accordance with FDA (CDRH) Laser Notice No. 56.
*3 Do not view the beam directly using optical instruments (such as eye loupes, magnifiers, microscopes, telescopes, or binoculars). Observing the laser output using optical instruments is dangerous and may damage the eyes.
*4 Values measured by averaging 4096 times at the reference distance.
*5 The measured target is a KEYENCE standard target. Value when the average height of the default setting area is measured with height and position tools. All other settings are default values.
*6 The measured target is a pin gauge. Value when the point of intersection for the pin gauge rounded surface and edge level is measured using height and position tools. All other settings are default values.
*7 The measured target is a KEYENCE standard target. Profile data when measured by smoothing 64 times and averaging 8 times. All other settings are default values. Values inside parentheses are representative examples of averages for all profile data.
*8 The profile data interval can be changed. If changed, the measurement range in the X direction will also change.
*9 Values inside parentheses cannot be used when connecting with LJ-X8000A.
*10 A characteristic that allows for stable, high-precision measurement with a single capture (exposure) at all levels of reflectance, from black (low) to glossy surfaces (high).
*11 The value when a head cable (CB-B*) or extension cable (CB-B*E) is connected. Does not include CB-B**L connection.
*12 When measuring white paper, illuminance on the sensor head receiving surface when light is applied to white paper.
*13 The head needs to be mounted to a metal plate to be used.

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