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VR series - Wide-Area 3D Measurement System

High-precision 3D scanner which enables you to quantify contour shape and flatness in just a second.

CL-3000 series - Confocal Displacement Sensor

Defining a new standard in laser displacement, this ultra-compact sensor can be installed almost anywhere. Confocal measurement simplifies mounting requirements and enables stable measurement of any surface or shape.

FS-N40 series - Digital Fibre Optic Sensors

Amplifier series with high clarity “ OLED” display, easy to use operation, and TERA power.

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November 20, 2018
  • [HEAD TO HEAD] Stylus Contour Tracer VS Non-contact 3D Measurement System
  • Robust Safety Light Curtains
  • A Must-See Guide of Inspection Applications
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November 06, 2018
  • [NEW] Standard for Safety Laser Scanner
  • Electric Vehicle Industry Application Guide
  • Marking and Processing Metal with Laser Markers
  • The [Optimal] Device for Height Measurements
  • Things to consider for Roughness Gauges and Profile Measurement Systems
  • Simultaneously Measure the Dimensions of your Products
  • Key Points for Lowering Costs with Image Processing
  • Microscope Technical Guide: Lens Technology
  • **KAIZEN** Case Studies on Code Readers
October 23, 2018
  • Improve Dimension Inspection and Reduce Rejected Products
  • Laser Marker Unique ** Built-In Camera **
  • Adding Value with Code Readers
  • "LumiTrax™" Lighting System
  • 4-in-1 Digital Microscope
  • We need this Flow Sensor Vol.2
  • Are you looking for a solution for your applications?
  • [Detailed Comparison] Stylus Profiler VS Non-contact 3D Measurement System
  • Non-Contact Measurement

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