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Newsletter 2022

10 mai 2022

Subject :

[NEW] Introducing the Latest Smart Camera Technology

[New] Smart Camera That Sets Itself Up
The advanced AI enables presence detection and differentiation while also fully automating setting configuration. Take advantage of long-range detection over a wide area for use in various situations.
Laser Marker Installation Examples in Various Industries
Browse various laser marker application examples organized by industry. Find tips and tricks for improving various processes in several different fields, including automotive, electronic device, food, and pharmaceutical industries.
Non-Contact Thickness Measurement
This non-contact sensor offers simple and accurate inline measurements that can help improve yield rates and cost-effectiveness —two essential factors to consider as raw material costs increase.
Application Examples, from our Newest Digital Microscope
Digital microscopes are used across a wide variety of industries. Learn how they are used, with specific industry examples. You may even discover a new way to enhance your own process along the way!
Machine Safety Interlock Switches
Meet the GS Series — A type of safety interlock switch that solves all the problems you had with safety doors. It has an intuitive design, flexible actuator for sagging doors, simplified wiring, & seamless system integration.
Read Any Text in an Instant
This handheld mobile computer scanner not only scans barcodes, but also reads text. Drastically improve your processes by eliminating human reading errors.
Improving Electric Vehicle Quality with Vision Systems
As Batteries are one of the key components of Electric Vehicles, they must meet strict specifications. Download this guide to learn how our Vision Cameras can quickly eliminate common defects found in the production process.
Barcode Scanner Application Examples
As traceability becomes more widespread, the use of codes continues to expand. See how our barcode scanners are being used in the automotive industry to help prevent errors.
Making Difficult Measurements Faster with the IM-8000 Series
Staffing shortages slowing down the Quality Lab?
The IM-8000 Series can improve efficiency by measuring up to 300 features in just a few seconds, even with unskilled operators!