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Newsletter 2022

15 mars 2022

Subject :

View, Capture, & Measure with an All-in-One System

Revolutionary Vision System for All-new Inspection Proposals
Introducing an all-in-one ultra-high-resolution camera system that can handle various image inspections, from multi-camera inspections to robot-mounted camera inspections. Experience the power of high-speed, high-accuracy inspection.
Prevent False Positives by using Contact Sensors
Learn about the basic principles and various applications of using contact sensors, including false positives. Say goodbye to problems commonly associated with contact-type sensors like scratching, external mechanical components required, & difficulty to mount.
View, Capture, & Measure with an All-in-One System
With easier operation, higher resolution images, and advanced measurement functions, our latest optical microscope is equipped with all the features you need to enhance analysis.
Safety First When using a Laser Marker
Before you start using a laser marker, read this guide to get a general understanding of the steps you should take to prevent accidents.
Drastically Improve Logistics Worksites!
The excellent reading range of this handheld mobile computer scanner is 1inches to 30feet, which allows for instantaneous reading. It can also read text, which is a useful feature when optimizing logistics worksites.
Reduce Measurement Time and Solve Labor Shortage
With the IM-8000 Series, high-accuracy measurement is as simple as placing a part and pressing a button. Time consuming measurements are a thing of the past, making it easy to solve labor shortages
Essential Basic Knowledge for 2D Codes
Regardless of industry, 2D codes are commonly used for managing products and recording information. This technical guide offers basic knowledge on code types and structures that can be put to use in your operations.
Easy Alignment of Safety Light Curtain Beam Axes
KEYENCE uses highly visible laser lights to make aligning light curtain beam axes incredibly easy.
Laser Displacement sensors in the food industry
See how our laser displacement sensors are used around the world with these sample measurements. These sensors help meet increasingly stringent quality assurance requirements in terms of health and safety.