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Newsletter 2021

08 décembre 2021

Subject :

Practical ways to Eliminate Defects

Linear Displacement Sensor
This laser sensor was developed to achieve stable in-line measurements of targets varying in color, material, and surface condition. It minimizes potential sources of error to attain accurate measurements.
[New] Ultra-High Resolution Vision Camera
Our latest 64-megapixel camera is capable of checking multiple parts simultaneously at incredibly fast speeds and has a wide field of view to eliminate the need for cameras or the target items to move during inspection.
Read any text in an instant
It is essential for all companies to have strong traceability to know where parts are made. This guide shows how a handheld mobile computer scanner can simplify the process of code scanning and reading characters on product labels.
Image Dimension Measurement System
Measuring with this system is as easy as placing the part and pressing a button, and recent improvements such as a 360-degree measurement function have drastically improved performance. Click to learn more.
Laser Processing Applications
Learn about the different laser processes like cutting, drilling, etching, and soldering using a laser marker. Our laser markers use different wavelength depending on the type of application. See the technical guide to learn more.
Easy Alignment of Safety Light Curtain Beam Axes
We use a highly visible laser lights to make aligning light curtain beam axes incredibly easy. Click on more details the technical guide.
Microscopes aren’t just for observation anymore!
Learn more about how the 10 newest observation methods are improving image quality & analysis using a digital microscope. This guide also explains how a digital microscope can be operated in a handheld fashion or connected to a tripod.
No Programming Required for Barcode Data
Using our Barcode Keyboard Wedge program, it is possible to output Ethernet data from a barcode scanner to Excel without writing programs. Which eliminates bottlenecks created by difficult communication programs.
High-Accuracy, Low-Cost Contact Sensors!
Perform over 200 million measurements with this high-precision contact probe. This sensor is graded IP67, making it environmentally resistant. And the cable is made of a highly flexible material that is designed to withstand continuous bending.