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Newsletter 2021

24 novembre 2021

Subject :

Solve Major Vision Sensor Problems

Mobile Terminal Device
This device easily capture codes from long distances. The large display and the intuitive one-hand operation make work processes easier and ensure greater flexibility. Here you can find out everything about the versatile features.
Solve Major Vision Sensor Problems
Conventional vision sensors have issues with ambient light, low contrast, position of part changes and more. See how our vison sensor can solve these problems using a built-in AI for advanced detection of differences.
Better Inspection from any Angle
Conventional microscopes view objects from directly above (top-down), making it difficult to analyze. This digital microscope however, is able to tilt and rotate around the object making it easy to see all sides without having to move the part.
Laser Marker Application Tips
Looking to mark directly on your part without wiping off any condensation before marking. Check out these marking examples and get an inside look at laser marking trends.
Reduce Costs by Preventing Defective Products
As raw material costs soar, reducing the number of defective products is becoming an effective way to reduce costs. See how the IM-8000 Series increases measurement frequency for simplified dimensional measurements.
Selecting Handheld Readers
Learn the common challenges faced using handheld code readers and how it can be solved with this simple implementation. Now obtain stable and high-speed reading with easy operation. See the pdf for more details.
5 Key Points for Improving Profits
Here are 5 key advantages for adopting a vision system that can help reduce production costs. This consists of six major themes, including quality, labor, and productivity. Click on more details for technical guide.
Laser Displacement Sensor Lineup
We have a wide range of laser displacement sensors that can be used for various applications like thickness measurement, height/step measurement and more. Click to learn more.
Incredibly Stable Position-Based Sensor
The LR-T provides reliable detection with its position-based technology. Setup is simple and applications are versatile.