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Newsletter 2021

14 septembre 2021

Subject :

[NEW] Machine Safety Interlock Switches

Stable detection from a Vision Sensor
An easy-to-use vision sensor, simply register a part to automatically configure the optimal settings. With no user-based variations stable detection can be ensured for all users
[NEW] Machine Safety Interlock Switches
Meet the new Safety Interlock Switches that just might solve all the problems you had with safety doors. It has an intuitive design, flexible actuator for sagging doors, simplified wiring, & seamless system integration.
Grow your reputation with better Traceability!
As supply chains become more globalized and complex, it is important to have effective traceability in place in the event of product recall or your manufacturing called into question.
Tired of Measuring Dimensions with a Micrometer?
Say goodbye to time-consuming measurements, human errors, and manual reporting with the Instant Measurement Device. Simply place the part and instantly measure 300 features in 1 second. With no variation between users, training is minimal.
1D Laser Displacement Sensors
This lineup of laser displacement sensors can stabilize inline measurements. They support a wide range of measurements, from 1μm to 1m. This guide shows applications for a variety of industries.
Microscopes in Manufacturing, Common Applications
Our digital microscopes are used in R&D and Quality Control for a wide variety of industries. This system is capable of capturing high-resolution images with SEM-like quality, in seconds. Take advantage of high-resolution images and fully automatic XYZ operation.
Traceability with Barcode Readers
Various industries are now using code-based production and process management. See how barcode readers make traceability simple and effective with this collection of actual application examples.
Why People Choose us for Machine Vision Inspection
A high level of quality is required when manufacturing components. Discover how our vision system is being used in image-based inspections to maintain high quality and meet strict standards.
Basic Code Reading Improved
This handheld mobile computer will significantly improve your basic operations by simplifying the process of code reading and code verification.