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Newsletter 2021

31 août 2021

Subject :

Solutions to Measurement Related Issues

Basic Practices of Code Verification
2D code verification has become the standard practices in various industries. Learn how to verify 2D codes like DataMatrix and QR codes.
Unleash the Potential of your Vision System
Proper lighting is an important factor in stabilizing appearance inspections. See how our vision system with all-in-one lighting can help stabilize inspection with three different imaging modes.
Concerns regarding measurements answered
Learn how inspection time can be shorted, human error avoided, inspection quantity increased and more using an automatic dimensional measuring system.
High-speed optical micrometer
With this micrometer, anyone can perform dimensional measurements with ease! This equipment is popular for its high speed and stable measurement.
Laser Marker application Examples
The permanent markings made by laser markers are essential to ensure the traceability of parts. Discover useful application examples in various manufacturing processes in the guide below.
Digital Microscope Application Examples
Our digital microscope can be used in a variety of industries from Automotive and Metal Manufacturing to Electronics and Food and Packaging. This guide shows real-world application examples, demonstrating key benefits, like high depth of field and fully focused images, to capture more detail than ever before.
Solve Major Vision Sensor Problems
Our vision sensor with built in AI eliminates common problems while using a vision sensor like changes in ambient light & low contrast part detection. Learn how to resolve these issues in the guide book.
Easy color detection on all parts
We present a full spectrum sensor that differentiates parts according to color. This allows for stable detection even on difficult targets
Read any text in an instant
It is essential for all companies to have strong traceability to know where parts are made. This guide shows how a handheld mobile computer scanner can simplify the process of code scanning and reading characters on product labels.