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Newsletter 2021

03 août 2021

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Easy Alignment of Safety Light Curtain Beam Axes
KEYENCE uses highly visible laser lights to make aligning light curtain beam axes incredibly easy. Click on more details the technical guide.
High-accuracy Digital Contact Sensor
Electric vehicles require inspection of parts that do not exist in gas-powered vehicles. Our contact sensors are highly accurate, inexpensive, and easy to install.
Switch from your hand tools
Companies are switching from hand tools to image dimension measurement systems. With this system measurement is as easy as pressing a button, it eliminates user errors, and reduces inspection time.
Barcode Application Examples
Code-based traceability is an important part of manufacturing. See how codes are being used on batteries, motors, inverters, and more. Click on more details for technical guide.
Foreign Particle Analysis Basics
Inspecting for Cleanliness and then Analyzing Foreign Particles is a common application in a variety of industries. In addition to high-resolution observation, digital microscopes can also be used for automatically locating and measuring foreign particles.
Handheld Mobile Computer Scanner
This mobile computer opens the door to various improvements in your facility. It has an outstanding full range scanning performance even on difficult to read codes, long battery life and it can be used one handed comfortably with an industry leading 5” high resolution touch screen.
5 Key Points for Improving Profits
Here are 5 key advantages for adopting a vision system that can help reduce production costs. This consists of six major themes, including quality, labor, and productivity. Click on more details for technical guide.
Essential role of laser marking in manufacturing
It is essential for all manufacturing companies to have strong traceability to know where parts are made. This technical guide highlights challenges associated with part marking and key tools to use to overcome them.
Simplify Outer Diameter Measurement
Recently, inline 100% inspection has become a staple of manufacturing. Learn how this outer diameter measurement systems offers both reliability and usability.