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Newsletter 2021

13 juillet 2021

Subject :

Successfully Solved Applications

Laser Scan to Optical Micrometer
Here is a technical guide with practical usage of our micrometers that enables highly accurate dimensional measurements inline that is difficult with conventional systems.
Vision System Applications Example
Increase the accuracy of presence/absence inspections in the production line. This guide introduces inspection application examples including foreign particles in filled jelly containers and appearance during boxing products.
Improve Inspection Efficiency and Quality, Simultaneously!
Discover how a place-and-press measurement system can simultaneously measure up to 300 dimensions in just seconds. This is essential tool for decreasing inspection time while improving accuracy and reducing errors.
Safety Sensor Functions Guide
Learn about the 6 functions that enable you to use safety devices with greater ease-of-use and efficiency. In addition, learn how the safety area scanner can simultaneously protect zones using the multi-zone feature.
Successful Application using a Contact Sensor
This guide shows successful application using a contact sensor in the automotive industry. Learn how to check the height of an engine part and measure the flatness of a cylinder block.
100 Questions & Answers about Laser Markers
Here is a laser marker guide that compiles all the questions you may have about laser markers, from what laser markers do, to how they engrave on parts. Also includes specific application examples.
Basic Code Scanning Improved
It is essential for all companies to have strong traceability to know where parts are made. This guide shows how a handheld mobile computer scanner can simplify the process of code scanning and code verification.
Automotive Industry Improvements Made Possible with Code Readers
2D codes are common in the automotive industry, and the superior reading performance of KEYENCE code readers adds value in three major ways. Learn more in the technical guide.
Digital Microscope as a Measurement Tool
Did you know digital microscopes can be a great measurement tool? Using our microscope, you can quickly calculate measurement resolution, repeatability and area in real-time.