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Newsletter 2021

22 juin 2021

Subject :

Avoid Inspection Mishaps

Laser Processing Basics: How to Improve Marking Quality
This guide contains basic knowledge about laser processing, including the different processing types. Learn how to improve marking quality with easy-to-understand illustrated examples.
Why doesn’t my Barcode Reader Work?
This technical guide explains reasons why your barcode reader isn’t able to read codes. Some of the reasons might due to alignment pattern damaged, colour contrast, or reader not aligned with code. Click the guide to learn how to solve these issues.
Improving Static Elimination with a Wide Range of Products
Finding the right static eliminator for a specific application and installation location is easy with a wide range to choose from. Browse actual application examples to help you choose the ideal ionizer for your worksite.
Faster, More Accurate Dimensional Measurements
The IM-8000 Series makes dimensional measurements significantly easier. Just place the sample and press a button to measure up to 300 locations automatically in just a few seconds, with micro accuracy.
Basic Code Reading Improved
This handheld mobile computer will significantly improve your basic operations by simplifying the process of code reading and code verification.
What inspection solution is best? The answer is here!
This is a must-see guide on the latest vision system that is capable of measuring targets, differentiating colour variations, and eliminate any concerns about image noise or gloss.
Reasons Why People Choose our Digital Microscopes
The VHX Series is a popular choice in industries where reliability is important. Browse actual application example for various industries to learn how using a digital microscope has benefited them and improved their process.
A Fiberoptic Sensor With Improved Reliability
Perform detections reliably in any and all situations. The newly developed LED module enables power 1650 times greater than conventional models and operation can be checked just with the fiber unit, with no need to view the amplifier.
Inline Sensor and Measurement System Applications
We offer a wide range of measurement sensors for various production issues caused by enhancement of accuracy, production cost, yield rate, etc. See this guide for measure know-how in your industry.