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Newsletter 2021

11 mai 2021

Subject :

[NEW Product] Popular Inspection System gets Major Upgrade

[New] Major Upgrades to Instant Measurement System
Our instant measurement system's hardware upgrade makes the unit more capable than ever before. Click to see the added capability including a rotational unit for measurement on multiple part surfaces!
Handheld Mobile Computer Scanner
This mobile computer opens the door to various improvements in your facility. It has an outstanding full range scanning performance even on difficult to read codes, long battery life and it can be used one handed comfortably with an industry leading 5” high resolution touch screen.
High Precision Measurements Regardless of Material or Surface
HERE is a technical guide to learn how coaxial laser displacement sensors are a great solution for obtaining high precision measurements. It uses multi-color light with a broad wavelength range that illuminates onto a target at a distinct height giving high precision measurements. Great for applications such as, thickness, flatness and run-out.
Inspections with Simultaneous 2D and 3D Image Processing!
Did you know you could simultaneously perform 2D and 3D imaging inspection using a camera and special lighting? The special lighting uses patterns from eight light sources to accurately capture target appearance and adjust for stable detection.
Deploying Microscopes to improve manufacturing processes
Quality issues can cause major delays in production and cost companies a lot of money and even their reputation. To overcome these concerns, manufacturing companies are implementing our microscopes at a more rapid pace than ever. They allows users to easily capture high-resolution images, identify problem area, and investigate the reason why those problems are occurring. HERE is a compilation of how digital microscopes are used in various industries
Vol 1: We Need This Sensor
This Vol 1 highlights how to solve common problems using vision sensors for detecting width, diameter, edge and pitch applications. Eliminate false rejects and easily obtain stable results.
Barcode Scanner Recommendations for Logistics Industry
Logistics centers face a growing need for automation to meet increasing delivery volumes. Click the technical guide to see barcode scanner application examples for the logistics industry.
Laser Marker Installation Examples for the Electronic Components Industry
As products become smaller, laser markers must meet the demand for more detailed, damage-free marking and processing. This collection features the latest examples of laser markers being used for a variety of products.
Problem Solving Safety Laser Scanner
This unique Safety Laser Scanner offers real-time monitoring of the protection zone. No PC connection needed to check the cause, and the detachable display can be installed at your prominent position.