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Newsletter 2021

27 avril 2021

Subject :

Go All Out, Enhance Your Process

Discover the Advantages of Vision Systems
This is a must-see guide for the latest vision system that is capable of measuring targets, differentiating colour variations, and eliminating any concerns about image noise or gloss. Learn how to inspect the entire surface of cylindrical targets with one camera.
Now Capable of Particle Counting & Analysis
This digital microscope enables magnified observation at up to 6000× while still possessing hand-held observation capabilities and high focus depth. Perform 2D and 3D measurements, particle count, grain size and more with one device. Download the guide to learn more.
Are you interested in Direct Part Marking?
Looking to mark directly on your part without paying consumable costs. Laser marking is your best solution. Recommended for products being marked with lot numbers, 2D codes, or other information, download to learn more.
The Optimal Device for Height Measurements
This non-contact sensor is proven to be a successful solution for high-accuracy measurement applications. It is capable of automatic tilt and angle correction. Book a virtual meeting today to see the fastest profiler on the marketing and witness it’s outstanding stability.
Flow Sensing: No Pipe Modification Required
Common issues with flow sensing is the concern of pipe modifications. Here is a new technology that can measure various types of fluids, while obtaining feedback in real-time with a digital display by simply clamping-on. No modifications required and ensures correct dispense volume. Most importantly no more fluid leaks!
Dimensional Measurement Fundamentals
Here is a measurement fundamental guide that compiles all the basics of dimensional inspection. This document also includes how to select the correct measurement system based on application.
Selecting Handheld Readers
Learn the common challenges faced using handheld code readers and how it can be solved with this simple implementation. Now obtain stable and high-speed reading with easy operation. See the pdf for more details.
Durable Light Curtain with Outstanding Reliability
Most reliable light curtain that provides edge-to-edge protection, unique wiring options and durable housing. Perfect for safeguarding machinery download to learn more.
Vision Sensors with Built-in AI
This Vision Sensor checks product type, direction, and text all at once, while improving efficiency. Eliminate ambient lighting concerns with this built-in AI sensor capable of selecting the optimal inspection tools for your inspection.