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Newsletter 2021

14 avril 2021

Subject :

The Best Equipment Lineup to improve your Process

A New Contact Sensor That Won’t Break the Bank
Most people think contact sensors easily damage targets and cannot be used for measuring moving targets. In addition to completely defying this narrative, our contact sensors can also help reduce costs.
Why Are Food, Pack and Pharma Adopting UV Laser Markers?
Traditional traceability systems suffer from high overhead costs. Find out how UV laser markers are saving companies time, money and more in this industry usage guide.
Barcode Scanner That Improves Your Reading Performance!
This guide introduces KEYENCE’s lineup of code scanners that anyone can use easily in a variety of processes. These high-performance products solve challenges at factories, distribution centers and worksites.
Reduce Costs with a Vision System!
See how vision systems are being used to help reduce costs in a wide variety of industries. A must-read for anyone looking to decrease costs!
What’s Possible with Digital Microscopes
Do you have issues with hard-to-see scratches or defects? Scratches on a transparent object are nearly impossible to see with a conventional microscope. This technical guide shows how a digital microscope can capture fully focused and high-resolution images in seconds for various industries.
[Must-read] Inline Measurement System Applications
Here is a technical guide that compiles common applications for film and sheet measurements. Learn how this 2D laser displacement sensor can detect uneven winding and rough edges on sheets.
Using a Handheld Mobile Computer with Android OS
This mobile scanner runs on Android™ 10 and can read many codes at once with its unique instant batch reading technology. Learn more about this fast one-handed scanner that comes with hard-keys and touch panel.
Measurements and Repeatability Made Easy
The IM-7000 Series is one of a kind Measurement System allows anyone to take accurate measurements and to get repeatable results every time with near zero training. Measurement setups can be shared across departments, locations, and organizations.
Safety Interlock Switch
Prevent unintended access to hazardous areas, and costly machine stoppage, by installing this safety interlock switch during machine operation. They have various installation configurations and highly durable.