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Newsletter 2021

30 mars 2021

Subject :

[New Product] Safety Interlock Switches Built for any Door

[New] Compact Safety Interlock Switch
The New Safety Interlock Switch can solve all the problems you had with safety doors. It is compact and robust, flexible actuator for sagging doors, simplified wiring, and superior environmental resistance.
Using Microscopes in Manufacturing
This technical guide shows how microscopes are used in many manufacturing processes. It highlights the implementation and benefit of microscopes to analyze molding defects and how to improve product quality. Check out the application examples (found on pages 4-7)!
Shop Floor Ready, Automated Optical Inspection
Automatically detect and measure components without having to select programs. It's design is shop floor ready, with a small footprint. A wide stage allows multiple small components to be loaded for rapid batch analysis. See more advantages in the guide.
Understanding Line Scan Cameras
Our cameras allow for stable inspection with no effects from similar colors, noise, patterns, or gloss. See how KEYENCE systems are being used to maintain and improve quality in various industries.
How to choose the right Barcode
Learn how to select a barcode reader in this technical guide. It explains what a barcode is, types of barcodes, and differences in types of barcodes. Also, learn types of barcode reader technology available.
Essential role of laser marking in today’s manufacturing
It is essential for all manufacturing companies to have strong traceability to know where parts are made. Laser marking systems are implemented to ensure there are permanent direct part marking. From text, logos, QR codes, 2D codes, and much more. This technical guide highlights challenges associated with part marking and key tools to use to overcome them.
Useful Sensors for Manufacturing
This laser sensor can perform stable detection even under severe conditions. The diverse lineup of sensor heads makes it possible to install sensors on virtually any pre-existing equipment. Learn more in the guide.
Accurate Inline Dimensional Measurements
Are you having difficulty performing inline dimensional measurement? This guide introduces functions for implementing inline dimensional measurement with high accuracy to achieve 100% inspection.
Long-Range All Purpose Laser Sensor
Top 3 issues faced by sensor users are misalignment, misdetection of reflective or transparent object and influence from environment. Find out a few ways to stop these issues in the technical guide.