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Newsletter 2021

24 février 2021

Subject :

[Must Have] Common Cost Saving Inspection Equipment

Vision Systems — Preserving the Quality of PPE Products
Vision systems can help manufacturers meet today’s increased demand for masks and other hygiene products. See how KEYENCE systems are being used to maintain and improve quality in various industries.
The Power of Digital Microscopes
Our microscope team has learned a lot about improving image quality to enhance inspection and analysis. They put together a guide to help improve your inspection process. See how
the VHX Series enables stable, accurate observation for a variety of targets!
Barcode Reading Projects
If your site has any barcode reading projects coming up, you absolutely want to consider our Barcode Readers. It can read multiple codes at once, comes with an integrated camera, lighting, and lens making traceability a breeze.
What Is Your Marking Target
Have you ever seen a laser marker accurately read 2D codes anywhere in the marking field? It is possible with our laser marker, with a built-in camera & lighting. You can view parts during programming and automatically capture images of each laser mark.
Improve your part inspection process
Improve your part inspection process with this portable and shop-floor ready equipment. It can detect and measure up to 100 dimensions instantly and automatically generates inspection reports for SPC.
Image Based Height Sensor
This is the most popular solutions for height-based inspection that eliminates misalignment concerns. By combining a camera with a laser, the IX Series can accommodate for target variation/misalignment and reliably detect height measurements, even on low contrast targets.
Measurement Systems Using Laser Profiling
This guide introduces the reasons why you should use Laser Profile Measurement Systems for applications, such as dimension measurements and appearance inspections. Check it out now!
A Safety Laser Scanner that increases safety
Connecting a PC to check why a scanner was triggers is a hassle. The SZ-V Series, allows you to check the cause of the problem using the detachable display unit. No PC needed! See the catalog to find out more.
Introducing KEYENCE’s Tough, Reliable Contact Sensor
KEYENCE’s contact sensors are capable of operating even in harsh environments with exposure to oil, dust, and water. Despite the ultra-compact design with a diameter of just 8 mm, the sensor is durable enough to withstand 200 million movements.