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Newsletter 2021

10 février 2021

Subject :

Improving Productivity throughout your Process

Helping You Choose the Best Lighting for Inspection!
Have you ever encountered problems with failed inspections due to gloss, varying target positions or ambient lighting? Solve these issues with a vision system allowing for stable, high-speed detection unaffected by colour, pattern, noise or gloss.
Eliminate Static over a Wide Area
This bar-type ionizers provide maximum static elimination for virtually any environment. See how static electricity is easily eliminated even over long distances and wide areas.
The Definitive 2D Code Textbook!
Learn about the basics of 2D code marking with laser markers. This textbook contains useful information for actual applications, including tips for marking on any material.
A Tough Laser Sensor for Use in Any Environment
KEYENCE’s proprietary technology can perform stable detections even under severe conditions. The diverse lineup of sensor heads makes it possible to install sensors on virtually any pre-existing equipment.
A Breakthrough in Measurement Systems
If you are using an optical comparator, CMM, or calipers, this article will introduce you to another world of measurement! With no fixturing and accurate, near instant results is possible with this device. Click the guide to see what this machine can do.
Tips and Tricks for Code Reader Operation
Barcode readers are widely used on manufacturing lines in a variety of industries, including the automotive, food, drug, cosmetic, and electronic device industries. Browse through this short guide for a quick overview of KAIZEN examples.
How to Improve the Bottom Line?
Many customers initially think implementing a digital microscope will be costly. However, most quickly realize significant cost reductions and productivity increases through improved analysis, product development and reduced scrap. The best part is that it is very easy use!
Why Switch from Contact to Non-Contact Measurement Systems?
Often times customers complain they are unable to obtain 100% inspection or inconstancy in result. In such cases, we recommend switching to a non-contact measurement system. Which eliminate these issues and improves cycle time.
Sensors Used in Today’s 5G Equipment
The spread of 5G has resulted in even higher quality demands when manufacturing electronic devices. Sensors can help solve quality and safety issues throughout the entire process, from assembly to inspection.