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Newsletter 2021

27 janvier 2021

Subject :

Make the Switch to New Automation Methods Today

A New Digital Microscope used by over 20,000 companies
KEYENCE released a digital microscope that enables magnified observation at up to 6000x while still possessing both flexible observation capabilities and high focus depth. Learn what industries are using this system and how.
2D Inspection Made Automatic
Between auto-focus, automatic edge-detection, and the press of a button, your inspection process is quick and simple. The IM-7000 Series is an automatic 2D measurement system that can get your parts dimensions in seconds.
Laser Marker Installation Guidebook
Learn what is required to have a successful laser quality mark on your parts. This guide includes how to improve cycle time, how to obtain optimal marking on large targets and recommended functions depending on your setup.
Considering a 2D Code Implementation?
This guide summarizes the basics on codes, such as the differences between 2D codes and barcodes. Click the guide to learn when to implement 2D codes.
Introducing the Latest Vision Applications
Learn how to reduce costs in your manufacturing process by using vision systems. Most times inspections tend to be unstable due to the large number of similar-colored parts. This product makes stable inspection possible by differentiating colour variations.
Latest High-Accuracy, Low-Cost Contact Sensors!
Perform over 200 million measurements with this high-precision contact probe. This sensor is graded IP67, making it environmentally resistant. And the cable is made of a highly flexible material that is designed to withstand continuous bending.
Inline Height Difference and Shape Measurements
This guide shows how to select the right measurement sensor for applications such as dimension measurements and appearance inspections. See how the LJ-V7000 Series allows for inline 100% inspections that are fast and accurate.
Implementing Appropriate Safety Precautions with Sensors
This guide book is a practical manual containing safety machinery installation techniques and the basics on safety precautions. Click the guide to learn about the highly durable and resistant to impact safety light curtain.
Laser Sensor with Simple 2-Press Operation!
The LR-Z sensor allows for stable detection of clear, metallic, or dark targets. This sensor can also detect purely based on distance, regardless of shape, colour, or surface finish.