Capteurs photoélectriques polyvalents révolutionnaires

Série PR-G

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Capteurs photoélectriques polyvalents révolutionnaires Série PR-G

General-Purpose Metal Photoeye

Série PR-G - Capteurs photoélectriques polyvalents révolutionnaires

In industrial automation, the large majority of general purpose photoelectric sensors are made of plastic. While this design is adequate for certain environments, harsher industrial environments require that these sensors be frequently replaced due to damage. By combining a metal housing with reliable detection capabilities, KEYENCE has developed a durable photoelectric sensor that will provide lasting detection in the harshest of environments.


New Standard for Photoelectric Sensors

KEYENCE is known for durable sensors and PR-G is one of the most durable.

High Power

The PR-G Series has options powerful enough to blast 30m (98.4'). This power also benefits shorter range applications by being able to blast through dust, dirt, oil, etc.

Ease of Use

A simple trimpot is used to adjust the sensitivity on all PR-G sensors. This series also features highly visible output indicators and options that have a digital display, providing real-time feedback.