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          Barrière immatérielle de sécurité de Type 4

          Série SL-V

          Ease of Use

          Improvements are the Direct Result of Feedback from Electricians and Designers!

          Separate alert output

          Separate alert output

          Distinguish between safety output off and error off

          Many operators wanted a function that would not just simply turn the safety light curtain on or off, but instead clearly indicate the error*. In response to this request, the alert output (lockout output) can be used additionally. The warning indicator lights up only when there is an error.
          *Welding or disconnection of relays in the external device, or sensor damage etc.

          Symmetrical structure for cable direction

          Symmetrical structure for cable direction

          Prevent cables from snagging during expansion

          Since the cable direction is symmetrical in a plane, cables can be brought to the inner side of the equipment. This prevents problems where cables become snagged on an obstruction.

          Model name display on the detection surface

          Model name display on the detection surface

          Immediately recognize the model name during maintenance

          Previously, when checking the model name during maintenance, the model name was occasionally hidden by a cover or wall, or only the series name was visible, thus making it difficult to quickly determine the appropriate model name. In the SL-V Series, the model name is noted on both the side and the detection surface so that it can be found quickly.

          Wireless Interference Reduction

          In a workplace where multiple setups are lined together, multiple safety light curtains are also used. In this situation, the safety light curtains can interfere with each other, thus making operations unstable. The SL-V includes an automatic interference reduction function to stabilize operations without special wiring.

          Worker penetration is prevented at a row of parallel pickup windows.

          Interference reduction function

          Curtain Lengths up to 2390mm( 94.09”)

          Curtain Lengths up to 2390mm( 94.09”)

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