Creating maximum value from minimum capital and human resources

We firmly believe that profit is the ultimate objective measure of our contribution to society. In other words, profit is the added-value and we strive to achieve maximum output from minimum human resources.

The very purpose of a company's existence is to continue generating added-value, in other words, "innovation".

Two vital examples of "added-value":
our product development concept and problem solving capabilities

The 'ability to develop products' that are new to society

Do not make what customers already want

Simply pursuing needs that are already apparent does not create products that are useful to customers in a true sense. Planning and developing products that a customer hasn’t even thought of yet, or pursuing hidden needs or “real” needs, is what leads to the creation of new markets.

Outstanding 'problem-solving capabilities'

Consultative Sales

At KEYENCE, our focus is to "accurately identify the fundamental challenges" that our customers face. Therefore, we are not simply selling products, but providing solutions that solve the problems our customers face every day.