MEASUREMENT GUIDE FORWarpage / Bow / Flatness

Find the optimal measurement method for your target.

Methods of determining warpage, bow and flatness vary depending on the target type in your application.
This guide introduces measurement principles and provides an easy-to-understand explanation of the instruments and methods needed to complete these measurements.


  • Selection Guide
  • Measurement Principle
  • Measurement by Moving a Workpiece or Sensor Head
  • Measurement Using a 2D Sensor
  • Measurement Using Multiple Sensors



Measurement Application Guide [Warpage/Swell/Flatness Measurement]

Measurement Application Guide [Warpage/Swell/Flatness Measurement]

How Do You Measure Warpage and Flatness?

  • [File type]PDF:1.11MB

Displacement Sensor/Measurement Instrument (Export Control Products included) General Catalogue

Displacement Sensor/Measurement Instrument (Export Control Products included) General Catalogue

  • [File type]PDF:9.73MB

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