New Career Opportunities
Recently, more and more manufacturing companies have been moving towards automation to increase efficiency and product quality, and to reduce cost and labor at the same time to remain competitive in the global market. The technology to help manufacturing companies automate their production has also been developing much quicker than even just a few years ago.
In this rapidly growing and competitive industry, KEYENCE has always been recognized as a supplier of the highest quality cutting-edge products. Why is KEYENCE so consistently strong? The answer is simple - because we know what customers require for their automation much more quickly and accurately than anybody else in the industry. This can be only achieved through our direct communication with customers in over 40 industrial countries. We are very proud of the fact that nobody else in our industry has such a solid and extensive global network of direct relationships with customers.
Many traditional manufacturers of automation equipment supply their products through distribution companies because manufacturing automation is a relatively specialized field. However, KEYENCE has been dealing with its customers directly since its foundation over 25 years ago. Now its presence in the world is quite outstanding due to its established network of group companies at every industrial country including the US, Germany, China and Japan.
At KEYENCE we listen to customers directly rather than through distribution companies. We directly provide them with solutions and expert advice . Our engineers are not just sales representatives but consulting engineers - and that is what we pride ourselves on.
Job Opportunities - Join the Keyence Team
Our employees believe KEYENCE is an ideal place to work because it has intensive training programs. Our employees are trained to become automation experts. We believe a good understanding of our products and applications as well the manufacturing processes where they are used is very important to build trust from our customers. Even after the intensive new-hire training period, our sales engineers still receive continuous training because we regularly release new products. We also provide them with sales training based on our unique and professional sales approach built through our many years of training experience.
Furthermore,we are very proud of the equipment and tools our sales people are provided. Our unique demonstration case for sensing products, the MetroCase, is clearly the most effective and professional demonstration equipment in the industry. It has all our primary products professionally displayed for quick and impressive demonstrations.
Also, our in-house developed sales force automation system, Direct!, has all the necessary information for our business. With Direct!, you can search potential customers to call, list all companies in a specific geographic area for efficient appointment making and manage all your sales actions as well as future plans.
As we believe that the company should grow with its employees, we have many potential opportunities for those who wish to be successful. Some wish to be professional sales engineers, and others wish to be managers. Some wish to work in the competitive sales environment, and others wish to be experts in technical support or marketing. We believe everybody with a strong desire and consistent effort should eventually make it happen at KEYENCE.
We are not satisfied with where we are now. We should be bigger and stronger in our market presence. We are still young and developing, and that is why we need positive, proactive and hardworking people. Come and join KEYENCE to begin a successful and meaningful career!