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Selecting a Measurement Sensor

Deflection and Decentering

When choosing a sensor to measure runout or deflection, you'll need to consider both accuracy and speed because the sensor needs to be responsive enough to capture the change. You can browse some options below, or request a free consultation with a local specialist.


High-speed thrubeam sensors can measure runout and ovality of rotors accurately and repeatably.

Ultra-High-speed, High-accuracy Optical Micrometer

LS-9000 series

Measure drill bit diameter, wear, and eccentricity with a single 2D thrubeam sensor.

High-speed 2D Optical Micrometer

TM-3000 series

Measure roller runout using confocal sensors for high stability on reflective surfaces.

Confocal Displacement Sensor

CL-3000 series