Measurement 32D Laser Displacement Sensor

A laser beam that has been expanded into a line is diffusely reflected from the surface of the target. This reflected profile is formed on the HSE3-CMOS and by detecting changes in the position and shape of the reflection, it is possible to measure targets run-out.


  • When measuring with a 1D laser displacement sensor, the peak cannot be captured at all times if the peak point shifts to the left or right. The peak point can be tracked at all times by using a 2D laser displacement sensor.
  • Measurement must be performed at a sampling rate of at least ten times the oscillation frequency.
LJ-X Series
  • 2D Triangulation Method.
  • In-line Multi-point measurement.
  • World's Fastest sampling rate at 16,000 images/sec.
LJ-X Series

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