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Industry Specific Applications

  • Automotive Industry

    KEYENCE lasers have been used for marking applications in the automotive industry for twenty years. From casted metal surfaces to intricate plastic marking and trimming applications KEYENCE has the right laser.

  • Electronic Industry

    From IC's trimming to marking housings and PCB or even wire sheathing marking and removal Use of lasers in the electronics industry is growing every year.

  • Food/Pharmaceutical Industry

    Every year new restrictions are added to strengthen label-related regulations. Laser markers can replace label application in the food and pharmaceutical industries with a clean mark that is easliy readable.

  • Medical Industry

    Tracking and traceability are extrememly important for nearly every device in the medical industry. KEYENCE laser markers fit the needs of nearly every application from marking implants and tools to cutting and processing plastics and films.

Production Improvements

  • Stamping

    Using laser marking in place of stamping allows you to mark characters that are permanent and of high quality on curved surfaces.

  • Labeling

    Laser markers can be used to mark product information directly onto parts instead of applying labels.

  • Engravers

    Laser markers are capable of high-speed mark that is clean on rough and curved surfaces which can be difficult to obtain using an engraver.

  • Chemicals

    With a laser marker, there is no need to use chemicals and the operation can be completed in just a few minutes.

  • Marking/Processing Problems

    Discover KEYENCE solutions used to solve problems in real work sites on this page. Also, learn the tricks behind on-site improvements.

  • On-site Environment Problems

    Actual methods used in real work sites to solve the problems are shown on this page. It also introduces the tricks behind the on-site improvements.

  • Other Problems

    This page discusses problems often faced in the manufacturing industry and how KEYENCE laser markers can provide solutions.


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