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          High Power Digital Ultrasonic Sensors

          FW series

          Performance with User Friendly Operation

          Full Range of Function for all Applications

          Versatile Performance with User-friendly Operation

          Versatile Performance

          Dual Digital Display

          The digital indicator displays the distance in an easy-to-understand numerical display.

          Easy Set up with One-button Operation

          The settings can be configured by simply pressing the [SET] button with or without the target in place.

          Target Height Display

          Numerical height display

          First in the Industry

          This function is convenient for differentiating target heights or for detecting liquid levels. The height of the target or liquid level can be displayed numerically to allow the user to determine the preset value, which makes for an easy-to-understand sensor for any user. The FW Series is the clear choice over conventional reflective sensors which feature unitless numerical displays, or LED bar indicators.

          Convenient sensitivity adjustment method

          1-point Zone Tuning

          1-point Zone Tuning

          This function is useful for detection with a background. Pressing the [SET] button once will enable detection of only a target with a certain height without detecting the background.

          Conveyer Tuning

          Conveyer Tuning

          A preset value is tuned automatically to a level unaffected by background vibrations (conveyer, etc.).

          Chatter Prevention Function and Display Averaging Mode

          The chatter prevention function prevents the outputs from chattering. This is possible by delaying the response time when the liquid surface ripples in liquid level detections. In addition, selecting the display averaging mode will reduce fluctuations of the display.

          Power-saving Function

          With this function, the display can be simplified when the sensor is not being operated. Power consumption can be reduced by approximately 20%. Only when using the FW-H02/H07.

          External Shift Function

          This function is effective for severe environmets with slight sensitivity differences. When the displayed values fluctuate due to variations in temperature or background position, the displayed value can be compensated by an external shift input immediately before detection. Only one function can be used at one time.

          Bank Switching Function

          Detection of up to four types of targets is enabled by entering a bank-switching input externally. Only one function can be used at one time.

          Analog Monitor Output

          The FW Series features an analog output (4 to 20 mA). Only one function can be used at one time.

          Panel-mount Amplifier Option

          Panel-mount amplifier option

          Versatile Installation Options

          The lineup includes a panel-mount type that fully utilizes the viewer-friendly display. The compact amplifier enables contact mounting of the unit.

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