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Newsletter 2021

July 06, 2021

Subject :

9 Game Changing Inspection Tips

Reduce Costs by Preventing Sensor Malfunctions
Do you have problems with sensor malfunctions? Read about examples where costs were reduced by improving the yield rate with the latest laser sensors.
Achieve Production Increase Demands with Faster Inspection
When faced with urgent requests to increase production, sometimes there isn’t enough time for dimensional inspection. With the IM Series, measuring product dimensions is as easy as placing the target and pressing a button. Never shut down machines or run scrap to wait for a first off again!
1D Laser Displacement Sensors
This lineup of laser displacement sensors can stabilize inline measurements. They support a wide range of measurements, from 1μm to 1m. This guide shows applications for a variety of industries.
Highly Reliable Safety Light Curtain
Our easy to use safety light curtain is highly durable, resistant to impacts, can be used in harsh environments, and anyone can easily perform optical-axis alignment with the setup software and laser alignment tool
Laser Marker Application Examples with Automotive Batteries
This collection of installation examples shows how laser markers are being used in battery manufacturing processes. See how laser markers can be used to improve both traceability and quality.
Handheld Mobile Computer Scanner
This mobile computer opens the door to various improvements in your facility. It has an outstanding full range scanning performance even on difficult to read codes, long battery life and it can be used one handed comfortably with an industry leading 5” high resolution touch screen.
Microscopes aren’t just for observation anymore!
Many don’t realize they need a microscope, until they see what’s possible with today’s technology. This guide covers 10 points to consider. This isn’t the microscope you used in high school!
Unleash the Potential of your Vision System
Proper lighting is an important factor in stabilizing appearance inspections. See how KEYENCE’s all-in-one lighting can help stabilize inspection with three different imaging modes.
Easily Transfer Codes to a PC just by Connecting a USB Cable!
Introducing our USB Communication Unit for easily transferring read codes to a PC. Eliminate the need for connection programs and simplify installation to further reduce workloads.