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Newsletter 2020

December 16, 2020

Subject :

Difficult Application: Bring it on!

The Latest Digital Microscope Observation Examples
Digital microscopes are frequently used in a wide variety of industries. See how microscopes are used with specific industry examples. You may even discover ways to enhance your own process along the way!
Solving All Your Problems with Static Electricity!
Are you concerned about adhesion of foreign particles clogging and/or facing other problems related to static electricity? If so, flip through this guide to learn about ionizers that can resolve such issues.
Selecting Handheld Readers
Learn the common challenges faced using handheld code readers and how it can be solved with this simple implementation. Now obtain stable and high-speed reading with easy operation. See the guide for more information.
Latest Lineup of In-line Thrubeam Optical Micrometers
Here is a LED-based proprietary optical system that is capable of maintaining high-speed measurements along with high accuracy for a long period of time. Application examples included.
Safeguarding Machinery with Light Curtains
This is the most reliable light curtain that provides edge-to-edge protection, unique wiring options and durable housing. It is IP65/IP67 rated and can operate in the harshest manufacturing environments. Download this technical guide to learn more.
Vision System Applications Examples
This vision system can stably detect the flaws, dents, and dirt that you have given up on detecting with conventional methods. Take a look at these application examples that help improve quality and prevent defective products from being released.
A Measurement System That Reduces Costs
With the IM Series, just place and press for instant measurement. This product reduces costs by decreasing the labor required and leads to new orders by improving quality and reliability.
Are you interested in Direct Part Marking?
Looking to mark directly on your part without paying consumable costs. Laser marking is your best solution. Recommended for products being marked with lot numbers, 2D codes, or other information, download to learn more.
High-speed Sub-micron Displacement Sensor
This sensor prevents the release of defective products with its high-speed 40,000 samples/second sampling. The high-speed digital processing circuit allows for accurate detection or real peak vales that cannot be detected at conventional sampling speed.