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Newsletter 2020

November 18, 2020

Subject :

Info-sharing: Top 9 Application Guides

1D Laser Displacement Sensors
This lineup of laser displacement sensors can stabilize inline measurements. They support a wide range of measurements, from 1 μm to 1 m. This guide shows applications for a variety of industries.
View, Capture, and Measure
What makes the VHX Series a popular choice in industries requiring delicate analysis? Find out for yourself. With the fully automatic VHX, users are able to quickly capture 4K resolution images and take accurate 2D/3D measurements. Download the guide to learn more about the capabilities of this system.
Vision System Applications Example
Increase the accuracy of presence/absence inspections in the production line This guide introduces inspection application examples including foreign particles in filled jelly containers and appearance during boxing products.
Prevent False Positives by using Contact Sensors
Learn about the basic principles and various applications of using contact sensors, including false positives. Say goodbye to problems commonly associated with contact-type sensors like scratching, external mechanical components required, & difficulty to mount.
Remote Management of Barcode Readers
This product meets the increasing demand for remote operation of devices. This guide introduces a product that can be used to monitor operation of barcode readers at remote worksites from the operator’s mobile terminal.
Traceability Solution: Laser Markers
Do you want to take advantage of marking products with 2D codes? This guidebook contains information on marking, reading, and data management. With details on traceability as well as system configuration examples and basic Laser Marking knowledge.
The Handbook on Everything Static Electricity
Static electricity causes various problems in manufacturing facilities and it is difficult to detect. This handbook covers everything from static electricity basics to applications.
A Must-Have for your Inspection Process
Automatically detect and measure components without having to select programs. Its design is shop floor ready, with a small footprint. A wide stage allows multiple small components to be loaded for rapid batch analysis. See more advantages in the guide.
Problem Solving Safety Laser Scanner
The unique Safety Laser Scanner offers real-time monitoring of the protection zone. No PC connection needed to check the cause, and the detachable display can be installed at your prominent position.