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Newsletter 2020

November 04, 2020

Subject :

Solutions Found: Handbooks Recommended for Process Improvement

Stable Inline Dimensional Measurements
Are you having difficulty performing inline dimensional measurement. This guide introduces functions for implementing inline dimensional measurement with high accuracy to achieve 100% inspection.
Problem solved for error-prone Flow Sensor
The FD-X can accurately measure not only dry liquids, but also high-viscosity grease and adhesives that are difficult to measure in small amounts. It has a repeatability of ±0.1% of F.S.
and the fastest response time of 50ms. Click the guide to learn more.
The Best Measurement System
This system allows users to complete measurement of 99 dimensions instantly by placing the target and pressing a button. This system is perfect for measurement of components, which have various measurement and inspection points.
The Latest Machine Vision Inspections
Accurately captures the slightest contrast difference, detect presence, orientation, and dimensional inspection using this vision system. See this guide for more application example for various industries.
Smarter Inspection with Laser Profilers
Measuring height difference with laser profilers can improve your process. This guide reviews how laser profilers are providing smarter inspection to save time and money.
A New Viewing Method for Microscopes
The Optical Shadow Effect Mode, can be used to observe subtle scratches and surface irregularities that could not previously be observed using a microscope. Learn how this microscope can bring more versatility to your research in the guide.
Laser Markers Can Do So Much More Than Just Marking!
KEYENCE laser markers use a built-in inspection camera and distance sensor to perform operations that were not possible with conventional marking devices. See the guide for details on the characteristics of these products.
Vision & Displacement Sensor Results by Industry
The IV2 Series has built-in AI for automatic difference detection. The IX Series can measure height anywhere in the target area. This guide contains application examples for the IV2 and IX Series, which are equipped with proprietary technology.
A Barcode Reader That Improve Your Reading Performance!
This guide introduces KEYENCE’s lineup of code readers that anyone can use easily in a variety of processes. These high-performance products solve challenges at factories, distribution centers and worksites.