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Newsletter 2020

October 20, 2020

Subject :

A Quick Idea for Improving Accuracy

Increase Detection Accuracy with 2D Image Processing
This product makes stable inspection possible by adding height data to 2D inspections. This guide introduces a new inspection method that executes 2D and 3D image processing at the same time.
Do You Find Laser Displacement Sensors a Hassle?
This sensor uses an ultra-high brightness multi-color LPD light source that achieves high-precision measurement over a wide area. There is no need to change the way you configure settings to match different materials like transparent or mirror surfaces.
Impressive Stable Detection with a Vision Sensor
This vision sensor comes with built-in AI and has an ultra-compact head, which can be installed anywhere. Concerns with ambient light & target position deviation can now be eliminated. Click the guide to learn more.
[New Product] A New Laser Marker with Status Monitoring!
This laser marker has an X,Y, angle adjustment with built in vision system, full field autofocus, & predictive maintenance helping to reduce downtime. Click the guide to learn how to eliminate marking position deviations on parts.
The New Generation of Digital Microscopes!
Our digital microscope is equipped with all of the tools needed to enhance your analysis. With the newest model, capturing 4K resolution images and 2D/3D measurements in seconds is easy! Check out the brochure to learn more.
Barcode Selection Guide
Before implementing barcode readers, it is important to understand how barcodes work. This guide contains information that will help you select the right barcode for your application.
Shop Floor Ready, Automated Optical Inspection
Giving operators access to this shop floor ready, automated optical inspection system allows them to measure a part in 5 seconds. Imagine the savings from instant first offs! Real-time data backed by accurate results.
Heavy Duty Pressure Sensing
Do you want to measure the pressure of oil, water, or misty air? This sensor supports a wide variety of fluids at pressures up to 40 MPa. In addition, it is clog resistant and can be cleaned without disassembly.
Best Way to Use Fiber Sensors
Fiber Optic Sensors perform stable detections in any situation using a high power, compact size, and easy to mount bracket. Click on this guide to learn various size options available for your application