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Newsletter 2020

October 06, 2020

Subject :

[New Product] Check out our most requested feature

[NEW] Laser Marker with No Focus shifting or position
Eliminate marking position deviations on parts, with the new function for automatic correction of focal distance. This function ensures reliable and stable marking on any product. Click the guide for more detailed application examples.
Using Barcode Readers in various Industries
Traceability is becoming an essential aspect of parts manufacturing in various industries. This barcode readers are ideal for any industry requiring high-accuracy management and code-quality evaluation functions. See the various ways these functions and more are being used.
Discover why people choose KEYENCE Vision Systems
This is a must-see guide for the latest vision system that is capable of measuring targets, differentiating colour variations, and eliminate any concerns about image noise or gloss. Learn how to inspect the entire surface of targets with one camera.
QCD Improvement Methods using a Digital Microscope
This digital microscope can be used to solve even the most difficult applications in any industry. Perform 2D and 3D measurements, particle count, grain size and more with one device. Download the guide to learn more.
Efficient Ways to Eliminate Static Electricity
Do you have problems at your worksite due to static electricity? Check out our guide to learn about efficient ways of eliminating static electricity with our bar, blower or spot type devices.
Contact vs Non Contact Measurement Devices
Performing measurements by hand can take time and variations in results from user to user is inevitable. With the Image Dimension Measurement System, measurement of up to 99 locations can be performed in seconds, just by placing the part and press a button. It is also possible to measure multiple parts simultaneously.
Having Trouble with Inspections after Coating Processes?
Use this guide to learn the advantages of laser displacement sensors. This sensor enables 100% inspection of coating materials with high precision & high speeds. This is a great solution for fast production processes.
A flow sensor that drastically reduces time and cost for installation
Our clamp-on flow sensor is designed to solve any kind of problem you have faced with the conventional types with complete ease. Easy to integrate into existing processes and easy setup and configuration. Click the guide to learn more.
Eliminating Line Trouble Using a Laser Sensor
Are you dealing with sensor malfunctions and spending a lot of time replacing sensors? KEYENCE’s laser sensors solve all these problems with their stable detection capability and high durability. See this guide for techniques for reducing costs.