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Newsletter 2020

September 24, 2020

Subject :

What is triggering your safety scanner?

What is triggering your safety scanner?
Have you ever wondered what triggered your safety scanners? With our scanners, eliminate any uncertainty. You or your team will no longer say: "detected something" but will say "detected this". Click below to learn why.
Digital Microscope Success Stories
Over 20,000 companies around the world use the VHX Series. Learn which industries use it and how it improved their inspection processes. Learn success stories from a wide range of industries in this guide.
Examples of Useful Code Reader Applications
To support the increases in the volume of products in the distribution industry. Learn how to reduce cycle time, increase productivity, and reduce equipment cost with this system.
Customer Testimonials: Reasons for Choosing KEYENCE’s Image Dimension Measurement System
Ever wondered why customers are choosing KEYENCE’s image dimension measurement system over conventional measurement methods? Read through actual testimonials from manufacturers who chose to adopt the IM Measurement System.
[NEW] Now Measure Larger Targets with LumiTrax™
This is a must-see guide for the latest vision system with the new wide area LumiTrax™ light. It is capable of measuring targets up to 400mm large, differentiating colour variations, and eliminating any concerns about image noise or gloss.
A Sensor that combines a Laser and a Camera
The camera recognizes the target and the laser detects the height. This combination eliminates malfunctions and enables stable detection of targets with similar colors or made of the same material.
Examples of Laser Marking on Medical Instruments, Explaining 16 Types of Applications!
Traceability marking on medical devices such as scalpels, syringes, and catheters requires improved chromogenic properties and low product damage. This guide shows the advantage of using laser markers for such applications.
Clamp-on Flow Meter With Zero Downtime
Installing the FD-R Series is as easy as clamping the flow sensor to the pipe, with no pipe modification required. This catalog is perfect for those looking to perform flow management but are having a difficult time selecting the right sensor

How to Choose the Right Sensor?
With all the different types of displacement sensors and measurement systems, it's difficult to make the right choice. This guide includes 15 application examples, which will make choosing a sensor easier than ever before!